Sneakermin Files: Sneakermin Reviews: Converse Chuck Taylors Black Leather Mid Top

Sneakermin Reviews: Converse Chuck Taylors Black Leather Mid Top

Hello and thank you for visiting the community! You’re a part of a growing posse of retro sneaker lovers, appreciators of life’s finer things, respecters of the classics. We like to say collecting sneakers is “everything good for your sole” It’s great to have you on board.

Starting us off in our first Sneakermin review is a retro sneaker classic and my current best favorite, the Converse Chuck Taylor Black Leather Mid Top.

Tell Me About Style and Color

The style of this unisex sneaker is a mid top with large stainless steel eyelets. These are a smart shiny black in color with a white rubber toecap. The lower sneaker is white with a black stripe. The back of the heel has Converse All Star on it written in black. On the inner ankle of each sneaker is the Converse logo and 5 pointed star and Chuck Taylor autograph imprinted on a circular badge sewn onto the sneaker. Understated, classy and cool.

The laces are soft black nylon ribbon style, about 10mm wide. The laces are a good length, long enough to tie the shoe lace but not with half a meter left over to get rid of or trip over.

So What Are They Made Of?

The basic show consists of a leather upper, thick cushioned tongue with a rubber sole. The black rubber sole is the classic diamond pattern.

The tread is about 4 mm deep and the pattern gives decent grip for everyday wear and for general court sports in or outside.

Where Can I Buy These?

To buy a pair of your own, try your local Converse store first. Otherwise, your online options include good ol’ Amazon.

Amazon – Converse Chuck Taylor Black Leather 2

Amazon – Converse Chuck Taylor Black Leather 1

You might also find them on and eBay, butso far in my searches, Amazon finds me brand new sneakers more easily than eBay, so a bit less hassle for me with Amazon.

Walkability – How Do They Feel On?

Walking in these shiny n slick leather kicks feels ever so comfortable and easy. Summer or Winter, I recommend wearing thick socks or 2 thin pairs. I do this no matter what the shoe, sneaker or season. The more cushioning you add, the more pleasurable will be your wearing experience. With a decent pair of socks on your feet, you can easily spend all day walking in these sneakers and feel good all day! The inner sole of the shoe has a soft spongy feel. Once you get used to it, and imprint your footprint into the sneaker, you will have gloves for your feet.

To give sneakers a “walk-ability” rating, I think about whether I would take them on holiday with me or whether I could spend all day at a theme park or on a day-trip in these happily. I give these Converse black leather mid tops the BIG YES, walkability rating is high! These sneakers are literally my first choice for casual outings and anything more social or less sporting.

9 Months Later – How Are They Doing? (Medium Term Review)

What are these Converse mid tops like after 9 months? Fine, soooo fine 🙂 My sneakers get a lot of use mainly on weekends. Currently I don’t (can’t) wear sneakers to work every day, only on casual Fridays. I believe sneakers are becoming or will become the everyday shoe of the future, for home, for work, for life. Why not be comfortable and stylish all the time?

They get mostly general casual use, cos they are just too nice to get too dirty or muddy. But they were comfortable and supportive on a 2-hour coastal walk last week – the terrain was a mix of concrete, board walk and loose gravel or dirt. It was a dry fine day, so all surfaces were handled easily. After the walk, the soles and side walls were pretty dusty as were the leather uppers. A damp micro fibre cloth on the leather worked perfectly to get them clean again. The side walls and toe cap needed some careful cleaning with a mild house hold cleaner, to whiten them back up. The effort is well worth the time spent, I think so anyway :-).

Anything Bad About These Kicks?

Ahhhhhh nope. Not a bad thing. With any white sole (side wall of the black sole) and with the white toe cap, these parts of the shoe can get a bit gray and grubby. So just keep up with the cleaning of the white parts and they will keep their new-look for months or years. As they are getting more use, they are getting a nice worked in look.

Final Thoughts Converse Chuck Taylor Black Leather Mid Top

This is our first ever review, so this Converse Chuck Taylor Black Leather Mid Top is Sneakermin ‘top choice’! It would be even if we’d were up to review number 100 as I’I’m loving them! From the classic and timeless in black and white, to the shiny leather, stainless steel and subtle branding, to the cushioned comfort feeling once they’re on. The style has such appeal that I’m looking for more of the same, in different colors, or different materials even like canvas. The versatility of these sneakers is just another great thing about them – you can dive into a game of streetball, go for a walk, give them a quick wipe down and then be off to dinner or a party. You can dress in your shorts or dress in smart casual. Versatile – what?!?!? They are your best friend, your faithful travel companion, you’ll never look out of place in these, and if you’re ever lonely or on your own, just look down and admire your great taste in sneakers 🙂 .

Check out the many reviews available on Amazon. Overall it’s 4 stars out of 5. I agree. As with any shoes I buy online (these I got from a store so no issue with sizing), check the sizing chart. Like everything, styles and sizes do vary from brand to brand and from season to season. My US size 9 Converse sneakers fit me just as comfortably as a pair of Hitecs I have which are US 10.5! If you can, email the online store and give them your foot measurement, to be sure.

As I finish this one off, wearing my Converse mid tops of course, just want to say thanks again for coming in. Please do share your stories and thoughts. Have you got a pair of these or some other retro sneakers you want to talk about? We’d love to hear from you.

For now, this is Sneakermin signing off and slipping out.

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Sneakermin Files: Famous Sneakers In Sports, Movies and Real Life


Hello Sneaker people, big warm thank you’s to you all for coming here! Today we’re having a go at trying to draw together sneakers with movies, TV, sports and popular culture.

There are so many famous sneakers and sneaker wearers in real life, fashion, sports, movies and TV. When you think of famous sneakers, what do you think of? Who, what and where hold memories for you? Focusing on retro sneakers (what else?!) let’s slip on a comfortable old pair and take a stroll together, back a decade or 2. Let’s take a look at famous sneakers of the retro sneaker kind.

Famous Sneakers in Sports

Let’s clear our minds just for a second. Think of a sunny day, a blue blue sky. Look into the sky take in the blue. Blue, clear mind…… now…. think famous sneakers and sports…… Air Jordans and Chuck Taylors – did a picture of either or both of come into your heads? If yes, then snap! I’m in a “Chuck Taylors love” phase at the moment, so it was my black Chucks that I first saw. How about you? What do you see?

So who thought of retro sneakers in sports and thought of Michael Jordan and the Air Jordan?

Did anyone see or think of Converse Weapons?

With my 80s admiration of the LA Lakers and adoration of Magic Johnson, in my mind I can see the purple and yellow of the great Lakers and the Magic’s matching converse weapons. These original white, yellow and purple colorway is on the shopping list!

Chuck Taylor All Stars
…. if Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan is the modern day iconic retro sports sneaker, then is Chuck Taylor and his Chuck Taylor All Stars the most famous, the quintessential, the one icon of the retro sneaker in sports?

Jesse Owens wore Adidas sprinters sneakers to win gold medal upon gold medal at the Berlin Olympics in 1936. I don’t know if he made Adidas famous but definitely a worthy mention of an amazing athlete.

Have the great Shaq, Kobe, Step, King James and others reached that level yet? We think so. If not yet very soon. Side question, do you think the Lakers will get back to the top of the NBA with LeBron? Again, we think so, and I personally hope so! Basketball isn’t the only game in town though! Look out for more on sneakers and sports in the future and please tell us what you think too, we’d love to know!

Famous Sneakers in Movies and TV

Checking what other sneaker websites and bloggers think, here’s a few of their thoughts:

In this article from highsnobiety on the “best movie sneakers“, they mention the movie “The Sandlot” and the PF Flyer sneaker. “Do the Right Thing” featuring the Nike Air Jordan IV sneaker. “The Goonies” and the Nike Sky Force Hi sneaker. :Forrest Gump” and the Nike Air Cortez sneaker – this classic retro sneaker shows up in lots of movies and TV. Here’s a picture of the clean classic Air Cortez.

There will be more articles about this, once you start the flow of memories, there are just too many to talk about in one article.

Sneakermin’s Favorite Famous Sneakers in Movies and TV

In the Sneakermin household, the TV show of the decade is Stranger Things. If you’re born in the 70s or 80s, trapped in the 70s or 80s, or both in my case, this show has massive appeal. References to 80s life, culture, movies, fashion and of course sneakers. The main stars are, like the Goonies, Stand By Me and other classics, a bunch of kids. Quirky funny endearing kids. But the sneakers, the sneakers are all there.

Mike’s Puma’s

Eleven’s Converse All Stars

Lucas’ Saucony

Steve Harrington wears Nike Air Cortez – just like Forrest Gumps in the picture above.

What Else or Who Else?

Which other famous sneakers are come to your mind? There will undoubtedly be many other pairs of famous sneakers to discuss in future Sneakermin Files editions coming soon. Please do share your memories or favorites. I don’t have a lot of memories of sneakers from TV, but maybe that’s just TV in the 70s and 80s for you. Here are a few more though.

How about Ripley in the Alien movie, wearing Reebok Romper Stompers

Or the Onitsuka Tiger, Mexico 66’s worn in Kill Bill by The Bride:

Finishing this with a real life iconic wearer of sneakers. From my childhood I can remember seeing Freedie Mercury strutting around on the stage at Wembley Stadium for Live Aid. Freddie wearing Adidas sneakers is a definitely strong memory.

Wrapping Up Famous Retro Sneakers

Let’s put the wrapper on this one peeps. So… where do we end up then? Actually we’ve barely scratched the surface on this one, we’ve only just begun! Famous retro sneakers and stories and memories of these are endless! And that’s just awesome!

Everyone one of us will have vivid sneaker memories linked to famous people, events, movies, TV, sports and culture. So many great memories are everywhere when you sit and think. I love look out for the sneakers people are wearing when I’m watching movies or TV. Does that mean I’m strange? Anyone else?!

Do you buy sneakers because someone you like, famous, sporting or just a real person, has the same ones and they look cool? If I can get me a pair of yellow and purple Converse weapons, that will be down to Magic Johnson. If I can find a pair of Adidas Oslo retro sneakers (black with yellow stripes), that will be down to some special childhood memories and my dear parents.