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Hello there Sneaker-people! Welcome and thank you for joining us! Just thought I’d share a few thoughts on retro sneakers – from the sole. The what, the where and the why. Let’s hit the trail…

What are Retro Sneakers and Why Do We Like Them

Retro generally refers to anything from the past, when life was good! Mainly retro refers back to the 60’s I think, but can probably also mean anything from 20 or more years ago, anything from when you were kids, the first version of anything maybe, or something your grandparents had which now is cool?! Retro sneakers for me are really anything from the 80’s and backwards. If you’re a bit younger, the 90’s will even seem like long long ago. If you’re more of an old-sole….. you will remember back to the 70’s, 60’s or earlier. Retro points back to times when more things were made by hand and so the results of such things as hand made furniture, clothing, cars and sneakers can really make you appreciate the skill and patience of the women and men who mastered difficult techniques to produce some amazing creations. Jay Leno commented about his classic car collection that they were from a time when labour was cheap and technology was expensive and the opposite is true today. Some people collect cars, I’m getting started with sneakers 🙂

I like retro sneakers and other retro collectibles because they do represent a wonderful time from my past, or a great memory from my childhood. How about you?

Where Can We Buy Retro Sneakers?

Looking to buy a pair of your own? Google Amazon and Ebay as starters or try,, or Google “retro sneakers” – to find great resources on where to get great sneakers. As we take each step on this sneaker journey together, I hope to share some really great places to buy retro sneakers. I also look forward to checking out some of your favorite retro sneaker websites and favorite shops. Please feel free to share so our community will grow into a large supportive group of soles.

Iconic Retro Sneakers

For a seasoned sneaker person, the classics have a big part to play in the Sneakerverse. Air Jordan for example immediately brings a picture of the iconic red, white and black sneaker to my mind. Converse Weapons – Magic Johnson – purple, yellow and white. For me, the classic retro sneaker defines the brand in many ways.

Why I Love Retro Sneakers

Why do I loooove retro sneakers?

Retro Sneakers are plainer and more basic in style compared to other sneakers. They are more likely to stay trendy and stay in your memory. Adidas Oslo an 80’s classic back in the day – simple black with yellow stripes. I loved them in the 70’s and still do many years later. l am hunting high and low to find a pair. If you see some anywhere, please send me a note!

Retro sneakers are possibly more practical, easy to care for and clean. They tend top have a cool classy look and can be worn with most attires, shorts or jeans or pants, still good. Understated, trendy and relaxed.

As a classic fashion accessory, retro sneakers just stand-out for being simple and distinctive. For me they always point to a time when life was simpler and better, possibly happier? When you were at school and playing with your friends was the only goal in life! Is this ringing bells for anyone out there? Do you think back to a pair of sneakers, or another item of clothing and are instantly taken back to younger more care-free days?

Recent Retro Sneaker Purchases

This really isn’t meant to be an article about Converse retro sneakers, but the pictures below may make you think otherwise! (No sponsorship or payment was offered or taken – sadly) My family went to a Converse sneaker sale recently at a pop up store and I bought my first ever pair of Chuck Taylors. Of course, they were
a black leather pair of retro sneakers! It didn’t stop at just one pair though, everyone in the family bought a pair (or two). At least 4 of the pairs were definitely retro classics.

So here they are. What do you think of these?!

The classic red canvas sneaker.

The classic blue polyester upper sneaker, white logo.

The true classic black canvas Chuck Taylor.

And, my personal favorite…. my own pair of black leather uppers. Smart, comfortable, understated, retro sneaker cool.

As stated above, this article is not in any way an add for Converse, but on the day we bought these, we got great value and styles for everyone in the family. So these definitely won’t be our last Converse sneakers!

Retro Sneakers – Respecting the Classics

What’s your take sneeps?! Are you into retro sneakers as a passion? If so, what about them appeals to you? If not, why not? 🙂 We don’t judge here in the sneakermin community. Do you have a pair of retro sneakers or a few in your wardrobe? What? Where? Why?! And what do you think of mine? Please share. The small (but growing) Sneakermin community is a high quality bunch and we would love to hear from you!

We’ll be looking for more interesting angles retro sneakers for our community and hoping to share yours too. If you have a pair retro sneakers bought recently and want to show them to us, please send me a picture like the ones in this article. Please send a side-on picture against a neutral background, of just the sneaker. If you are OK with share with the community, please give me permission to put the picture on the Sneakermin Wall. This is an upcoming work in progress.

For now, thank you again, wishing you, the wonderful Sneakermin community a wonderful day!


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