What is your BEST Brand of Sneaker?

You probably know people who have grown up in families where a brand of car is much-liked or worshipped and another brand of car is highly disliked, hated even! And we all have a favorite sports team who we follow with passion and sometimes we have other teams we (here comes the “h” word again) …hate.

What is your best brand of Sneaker? Is that even a thing?!

My Best Brands as a Kid

If you asked me growing up, what is your best brand of sneakers or what is your favorite brand of sneakers – I would have said:

  • At 6 years old – Bata! Probably the first pair I can really remember. I am told I went to bed in them.
  • At 9 years old – Adidas! My first ever pair of black and yellow Olso’s.
  • At 12 years old Puma Fastriders (My brother’s Easyriders were cooler but I couldn’t get the same could I now?!)
    Then back to Adidas.

Growing Up, Branching Out…

  • At 19 years old – I got my first Nikes, bought from the Main Place mall in Anaheim. And more Adidas in Singapore.
  • Since then, I have tried anything and everything, in the shoe world.
  • After the first Alien movie, there were Reebok – but I didn’t get any until in my 20s, well into the 1990’s
  • ASICS – nice pair of very light running shoes.
  • Reebok – great walking shoes, great soles, lasted years.

Going Budget (not Cheap … Budget!!)

Then I went “budget” – not buying cheap shoes, but buying the best specials – cool shoes at good prices.

My first ones were Hi-tec Haraka – with orange soles. These were cheap (a $50 special) and because they were cheap, they were even better. They seemed to last forever before the soles finally wore through. I still have them, the uppers are still great – so I plan to resole them – cos they deserve it, they deserve to live on.

Hi-Tec Haraka

How About Now?

More recently, I have also bought and enjoyed Wild Rhino, Oboz, Kathmandu and Keen (sandals). My Keen sandals… well that’s really another whole amazing journey, love story even. I fell out with Adidas in the 2000’s (they never knew) and that’s another story for another day too.
Keen Men's Sandal
I nearly forgot my Skechers – forgotten because I have a new pair of black Skechers with memory foam innersoles – just waiting to be walked in.

How About You?

So – is there such a thing as your best brand or your favorite brand? Are you loyal to a brand or loyal to a principle instead – such as buying great value? In my mind these days I look for best looking, best comfort at the best price. Any and all the above brands I will buy again in the future.

Thank you for joining me on my trip down memory lane. I’d love to hear about your best brands or your sneaker stories, please share 🙂

Sneakermin, call me Sneakermin for short…..

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